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Manufacturer: E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)

The movement was serviced 3/27/17 and the watch is running and keeping time.

Very nice Howard gold filled swing out case.

Porcelain enamel dial has some faint "blue lines" these are manufacturing flaws not cracks.

New beveled glass crystal.

Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Date of Manufacture: 1914

21 jewels




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EHPW2934 case.jpg (242840 bytes)



EHPW2934 bezel.jpg (255920 bytes)

EHPW2934 movement.jpg (257499 bytes)

EH2934 side.jpg (222379 bytes)

EHPW2934 back.jpg (198670 bytes)

Price $495.00   # EHPW2934



E. Howard (Keystone)

The watch was serviced 11/28/16 and is running and keeping time.

Housed in a swing out E. Howard gold filled case by Keystone.

Porcelain enamel dial has small edge repair by 2.

New beveled glass crystal.

Serial # 1102118 dates the watch to 1912

Series 10*

21 jewels

Adjusted to 5 positions

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* This watch has the motor barrel which you usually just find on the 23 jewel series 0 models



EHPW2118 case.jpg (822497 bytes)


EHPW2118 Bezel.jpg (804815 bytes)

EHPW2118 movement.jpg (760664 bytes)

HPW2118 side.jpg (720867 bytes)

EHPW2118 back.jpg (741376 bytes)

Price $485.00  #EHPW2118




 E. Howard Series 10 (Keystone)

The movement was serviced 11/21/16 and the watch is running and keeping time.

Gold filled swing out case marked E. Howard.

Porcelain enamel dial.

New beveled glass crystal.

Serial # 1158351 dates the watch to about 1913


EHPW8351 case.jpg (657809 bytes)

EHPW8351 back.jpg (647615 bytes)

EHPW8351 bezel.jpg (795370 bytes)

EHPW8351 movement.jpg (747008 bytes)

ERPW8351 side.jpg (728799 bytes)

Price $515.00   #EHPW8351




This is an E. Howard size 16, 23 jewel, series 0, stem wind and lever set watch. Special Adjustment to five positions.

The movement was just serviced and the watch is keeping excellent time.

Housed is a gold filled Howard swing out case. The case is in excellent condition. 

The crystal is new beveled glass.

The porcelain enamel dial is the Montgomery style in near perfect condition.

Serial # 1285286 dates the watch to about 1915.

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EHPW5288 Back.jpg (730094 bytes)




EHPW5288 Bezel.jpg (532570 bytes)

EHPW5286 movement2.jpg (607170 bytes)

EHPW5288 side.jpg (527905 bytes)

Price $995.00   #EHPW5288



Size 16, stem wind and lever set, 21 jewel E. HOWARD WATCH CO. BOSTON U.S.A. RAILROAD CHRONOMETER SERIES 11. 

Serial # 1378688 Dates the watch to 1917.


The movement was just serviced and is keeping excellent time.

The dial is very nice, no hairlines or chips, only a edge chip repair at 1.

New old stock beveled glass crystal.

White Gold Filled case with great covers.

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EHPW 8688 case.jpg (362605 bytes)


EHPW8688 Bezel.jpg (419248 bytes)

EHPW8688 movement.jpg (438463 bytes)

Price $600.00   #EHPW8688





This is a 23 Jewel size 16 series 0 Howard pocket watch. 

Serial number 1159254 dates this watch to 1915.

Very nice Howard swing out gold filled case.

The movement was just serviced, including a new staff and is keeping very good time.

The dial is in very good condition with a very faint hairline along the left side and a tiny nick between 12 and 1. Neither are visible to the naked eye.

The crystal is glass and has no scratches or chips.

 EHPW9254 movement.jpg (417308 bytes)

EHPW9254 movement2.jpg (722396 bytes)



EHsocnew.jpg (671927 bytes)

EHPW9254.jpg (137799 bytes)

Howard Case 15 inside.jpg (144372 bytes)

Price $ 950.00 #HPW5126




This E. Howard series 11 Railroad Chronometer was just serviced and keeping excellent time.

Housed in a Howard gold filled swing out case it is stunning.

The dial is very good, very faint hairline that are clean and invisible without magnification.

New old stock glass crystal.

There is a slight discoloration in the back center of the case, I am not sure what this is but probably a manufacturing problem.

Serial #1263198 dates this watch to 1916


HPW3198_Bezel.jpg (64243 bytes)
HPW3198_movement.jpg (113590 bytes)
HPW3198_Back.jpg (56009 bytes)
HPW3198_Inside_Back.jpg (92585 bytes)
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Price $515.00  #EHPW3198 




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