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LHS Class of 1958

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Free Shipping when you pay by check or money order.

Telephone # 231-843-4914

Layaway watches can only be purchased by the person placing them on layaway. You may see watches marked On Hold, these watches have been spoken for but payment is coming by mail. On Hold watches will remain on hold for 10 days if payment has not been received by the end of this time and the buyer has not requested an extension the watch will be removed from the on hold list and made available for others to purchase. If you call to request a watch be put on hold please follow up with an email so I have a good record of who the watch is on hold for. This is important in cases because another buyer can make a payment for the same watch at about the same time. This can and does happen as unlikely as it seems it would be.

There are no fees or charges for this. We offer layaway purchasing for buyers that may find this way of fitting a watch purchase into their budget useful. Should something cause you to need to cancel the purchase we give a full refund, including credit card fees, if any, when PayPal allows it, (usually 59 days). We do not have fixed payments for watches on layaway but we do request that you make the first payment within thirty (30) days and then make a payment each month. If the initial payment is not received within thirty days and you have not made other arrangements the watch will be removed from layaway. If the initial payment was made but no further payments received for 60 days you will be contacted to see if you still want the watch. 

If you make payments using PayPal send the money to 

Payments made by check or money order should be made payable to Terry Grams.

If you have a watch on layaway please check the pages on the website to be sure your watch is marked on layaway, if not notify me immediately.

Keep all of my emailed receipts and other records of your payments. If a receipt from me does not agree with your records let me know as soon as possible. Things like corrupted computer files do happen and while I try to maintain good paper backup records of layaway purchases they can stretch over a considerable period of time and I can make mistakes, I am a much better watchmaker than accountant.

Watches that are spoken for but not yet paid for that are not on layaway are marked "On Hold".  

If something happens and you cannot complete the payments I will refund everything you have paid. If you use paypal for payments when these payment are more than 60 days old they can not be refunded directly from the original payment so the credit card fees cannot be recovered. Once shipped watches sold on layaway are not returnable, if there are issues with the watch I will repair them but because of the length of time these watches are held while payments are being made I can't offer any return for a cash refund.

Also don't forget that PayPal offers interest free financing for up to six months on qualifying purchases.

I will no longer show watches on Layaway on this page but each will be so marked on its respective page.



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