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LHS Class of 1958

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If you haven't had a problem with your vintage watch you are about to! 


Service: The watch is unassembled 100%* thoroughly cleaned and oiled and reassembled, checked for accuracy. + or - 30 seconds per day is considered acceptable for non railroad approved grades and + or - 15 seconds per day for railroad approved grades, but the results are usually better than this.**

I do my best to be sure your watch is returned to you running and keeping good time, but I do have to ship them and that means the watch will be subjected to a lot of bouncing around before you get it. After you get your watch back check it thoroughly to be sure it is functioning properly. If it is not, contact me by phone or email as there are a number of things you can check and possibly correct yourself without having to return the watch. 

Most pocket watches are at least 60 years old and many are 100 or older so things can go wrong at anytime that are completely unrelated to the service a watch may have just received. Watches that do not run or do not keep time after having been serviced should be returned after we have been notified and have attempted to correct the problem by phone or email. 

If you have a problem with a watch we serviced we should be contacted within 5 days of you getting the watch back and the watch should be returned immediately after it is determined it can not be corrected by the owner following our instructions.

If after getting the watch back the problem is related to any of the work we did (or should have done) we will make the correction at no charge and even pay the return shipping. If the problem is related to shipping we will most likely make the repair at no charge.

Never take the watch to another repair shop for problems you believe are related to our service, if you do we will not be responsible for any additional work required on the watch and under no circumstances will we pay for work done by others or refund any amount paid to us previously for any work on the watch.

If you find these terms unacceptable please send you watch elsewhere for service.

Prices for Pocket watch service effective January 1 2017 are as follows***:

  1. All lever set watches up to and including size 16 $80.00

  2. All pendent or pin set watches up to and including size 16 $90.00

  3. All size 18 and larger lever set watches $100.00*

  4. All size 18 and larger pendent or pin set watches $120.00*

  5. Crystal replacement for size 16 and smaller $30.00

  6. Crystal replacement for size 17 and larger $35.00

  7. Case clean and polish for size 16 and smaller $25.00

  8. Case clean and polish for size 17 and larger $30.00

  9. Replacement of any hole, pallet, cap, roller or pallet jewel $35.00

  10. Replace balance staff $70.00

  11. Replacement of mainspring $40.00

  12. Other parts $20.00 plus the cost of the part 

  13. Dial replacement cost depends on the dial most porcelain enamel dial replacements will be $100.00 plus. Minor dial cleaning and repair is included with the service price.

  14. Timing that requires work on the balance wheel because either full slow or full fast can not regulate the watch to with 10 seconds per day. This requires adjustment to the balance timing screws, addition of timing washers or removal of timing washers, adding or changing timing screws. This can be very time consuming so the minimum charge is $25.00 and the maximum is $50.00.

* On Full plate movements manufactured before 1900 there is an increased risk that the center wheel may break when removing the cannon pinion. Before removing the cannon pinion I will request your approve for this procedure an acceptance of the risk. Replacement parts can be difficult to find for watches this old. On some models, I can leave the cannon pinion in place and get the watch apart but have to leave the center wheel in place during service, this is not ideal but is better than breaking the center wheel this is what I will do when the owner does not want to risk breaking the center wheel.

*** We have available a special diamond bearing infused lubricating oil that can be used after servicing a watch. The oil cost us $700.00 per fluid oz. so an up charge of $35.00 applies if this is requested. This must be requested prior to service as we can't apply this oil over our regular synthetic oil witch itself is very good synthetic oil. 

Minimum Bench charge:  We never used to charge a minimum but because of the ever increasing cost of materials we must charge a minimum $25.00 for servicing a pocket watch even when that does not correct the problem. By the time we pay shipping our cleaning solutions cost over $50.00 per gallon and believe me a gallon does not go very far when cleaning very dirty pocket watches. 

**Out of beat: If your watch is seriously out of beat the fee to put it into beat is $45.00. Includes timing.

**Incorrect Timing: If your watch cannot be regulated to satisfactory time keeping by adjusting the regulator and we need to work on the balance to correct this the fee is $25.00 to $50.00 Many times balance timing screws are missing or mismatched and it can take several hours to correct this.

Crystal and Dial Replacement:  Many times pocket watches end up laying in a drawer simply because the crystal and/or dial have become so worn the watch is no longer attractive, we stock hundreds of new old stock crystal and new beveled glass crystals and can get the ones we do not have.

Crystals and dials can bring a drab looking watch back to life. Photos of stock dials are available on request. These dials are factory original enamel. New painted are available on request. Installed prices from $75.00 and up.

Before we repair your watch you will be quoted a price for the repair. If it turns out that we can not repair the watch to reasonable accuracy there will be no charge other than the minimum bench charge that went into effect September 1, 2014. 

If you have an e-mail address please include it with your repair along with any other pertinent information about your watch. Once a repair is completed the owner will be notified by e-Mail if we have not heard from the owner or received payment with thirty (90) days of this e-mail the repaired watch will be offered for sale on this website or eBay. The owner may reclaim the watch any time prior to sale by paying the repair charges.

If we have replaced parts during an unsuccessful repair attempt, and the owner wants the un-repaired watch returned the new parts will be removed and returned to our inventory, the defective parts will be reinstalled in the watch if possible. Sometimes the nature of the damaged part makes it impossible to reinstall into the watch, examples of this would be a broken mainspring or broken crystal, of course there are others.


Mail your watch to: 

Terry Grams
Northern Partners
1017 Beechwood Dr.
Ludington, Mi 49431


If you decide not to have the watch repaired after receiving the quote there will be a $25.00 bench charge. If during servicing additional problems are uncovered and you decide the cost to correct this are too much we will not charge our normal service charge but there will be a $45.00 fee for our time and the cost of return shipping. When a watch has been repaired and the owner notified the watch will be considered abandoned and sold after 90 days if payment has not been received.

Please review our policy on wristwatch repair here.


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